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InvoicePlane is a self-hosted open source application for managing your invoices, clients and payments.
For more information visit or try the Demo.

Since the start of the project in 2014, InvoicePlane evolved into a software that is used world wide. However, it isstill developed in our free time, as a hobby. We do your best to fulfill any legal requirements but please note that wecannot make sure that the app is working 100% correct. Also, due to the fact that InvoicePlane is a free and opensource software without an income, there are no professional audits of the app yet.

Quick Installation

  1. Download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.
  2. Extract the package and copy all files to your webserver / webspace.
  3. Make a copy of the ipconfig.php.example file and rename this copy to ipconfig.php.
  4. Open the ipconfig.php file and set your URL like specified in the file.
  5. Open and follow the instructions.

Notice: Please download InvoicePlane from our website only as the packages contain additional needed components. If you are a developer, read the development guide.

Source Code for a billing application developed in C#. Crystal Reports used for generating reports. My Takes Sunday, 23 December 2012. A Free C# Billing Application with Source Code (.NET) Biller - The Free Billing Application. POS Billing Software. Keep your customers' details up to date and in hand. A simple client database management and online billing software - all in one! Our PHP invoice script will automatically fill. Billing software source code in php download free download. Invoicing system with source code Visual Studio 2013 Community. Not for commercial use. Buy iBilling - CRM, Accounting and Billing Software by CloudOnex on CodeCanyon. IBilling – Invoicing, Accounting & CRM Software Have question? Read FAQ iBilling – The features you want, the si.

Remove index.php from the URL

If you want to remove index.php from the URL, follow these instructions. However, this is an optional step and not a requirement. If it's not working correctly, take a step back and use the application with out removing that part from the URL.

  1. Make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled on your web server.
  2. Set the REMOVE_INDEXPHP setting in your ipconfig.php to true.
  3. Rename the htaccess file to .htaccess

If you want to install InvoicePlane in a subfolder (e.g. you have to change the ipconfig.php and .htaccess file. The instructions can be found within the files.

Support / Development / Chat

Need some help or want to talk with other about InvoicePlane? Follow these links to get in touch.
Please notice that InvoicePlane is not a commercial software but a small open source project and we neither offer24/7 support nor any form of SLA or paid help.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability please send an e-mail to before disclosing the vulnerability to the public.All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

The name 'InvoicePlane' and the InvoicePlane logo are both copyright by and InvoicePlane.comand their usage is restricted! For more information visit

Billing System

A PHP based billing system.


Billing system developed as a sample application. The various features includedwith the program are.

  1. Drupal coding standards.
  2. Doxygen documentation system.
  3. Single point of entry.
  4. PDO database connect.
  5. Savant based templating system
  6. Directory structure.
  7. GIT version control system

1. Drupal coding standards.

To improve readability and uniformity of the code, the coding standard adoptedwas according to the Drupal coding standards described at

2. Doxygen documentation system.

Doxygen is a tool used to automate the documentation generation process. Itallows documentation of the code within the code file itself and latergenerates the documentation from these comments. This allows up to keep thedocumentation up-to-date with the code without much trouble.

3. Single point of entry.

Single point of entry allows all request to various pages to be processed bya single file. This permits the file to act as a controller which controlswhat files are accessed by which users etc.For example: call the corresponding handler to handle and process the request of p.

4. PDO database connect.

PDO database connect allows us to abstract the type of database used. Databasespecific commands are handled by the PDO. The programmer need not bother aboutthe type of database used, or porting code to various databases.

5. Savant based templating system.

Due to the savant based templating system, we could sucessfully seperate thetheme and view files from the core files. This provides ease of theming andflexibility of design.

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Php Source Codes

6. Directory structure.

Restaurant Billing Software With Source Code In Php

The directory structure seperates the various files into categories, making iteasy to locate files and perform modification and maintainance of code.Documentation is maintained in a seperate documentation directory.

7. Git version control system.

The git version control system was used to maintain the code.

The project was designed and developed at Zyxware Technologies under the guidanceof Vimal Joseph.

Open source code php

Steps to install

Free Source Code In Php

  1. Copy the Config.php.sample as config.php
  2. Place the configurations details within it.
  3. Run install.php.
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