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I'm trying to clean up a new HP Pavillion a6250z.
I've uninstalled/removed most of the junk that came with Vista Premium, however there are are a few files that just won't go away. Particularly HP Health Check. I've disabled that and the scheduler, but I can't delete these files, even when logged in as administrator.
'Destination Folder Access Denied' 'You need permission..'
When I went to check permissions it had a user account attached that was 'special'. CREATOR, to be specific.
I've even booted it up in Knoppix 5.1.1 (which allegedly supports NTFS) and enabled read/write. Still won't allow me to delete the files.
Sure it's disabled and doesn't take up much space, but I don't want this on here. It's become a matter of principle. Why can't I delete unwanted software from my own computer?

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Hp Pre Installed Apps

Hello: I am purchasing a HP Envy desktop that comes with Win 10 Home Pre-installed on a HDD. HP does not send the Win 10 disk. The system I am buying only has a HDD installed.

Installed Programs On My Computer

Go to Control panel/Programs/Programs and features/uninstall a program If the program is listed you should be able to select it and click uninstall. If you still are unable to remove the program trying booting into safe mode to uninstall it. Installing HP wireless printer software explained. HP Wireless Printing Center. Re: HP Laptop & pre-installed software? No, as far as I am aware, HP Business notebooks are not preloaded with software like HP Consumer notebooks. They give you the Windows 7 install disc + a disc of extras so if you want the preloaded software (eg drive guard etc), you can choose to install it if you want. Some of the pre-installed branded programs, like photo and gaming apps, or those that duplicate Windows tools, are completely unnecessary. Others, such as driver/BIOS update utilities (like Lenovo System Update), are worth keeping around.

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