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In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install and use memcached on an Ubuntu 14.04 server. How To Install and Use Memcache on Ubuntu 14.04 Posted May 1, 2014 354.2k views Caching Server Optimization MySQL PHP. We're going to create a PHP memcached instance and then tell it where the memcached service running on. Memcached is a free open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. It is currently used by a lot of websites, including Flickr. Memcache was designed with Linux in mind and not windows, so it has posed some installation issues because Windows users are not so familiar with having to compile code from source as memcache does not come with any installation software. Sudo apt-get install gcc make autoconf libc-dev pkg-config sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev sudo pecl5.X-sp install memcache Once installed, create a configuration file for the extension and restart PHP. I have found plenty of tutorials covering how to install memcache in Windows and install the PHP extension. My situation though is slightly unusual: I'm using iis, not apache.

The tuto you refer to is about installing memcached server on windows. It will not help with the php extension if you really need to build it, you can use pecl. Likely you will have to install the server to retrieve libmemcached.dll. Installing PHP-7 with Memcached ^ Ad space to help offset hosting costs:D Let's install PHP7 and Nginx on a new Ubuntu 14.04 server, and manually build the (not yet packaged) memcached module for PHP7.> Update: It looks like the php-memcached package was built into ppa:ondrej/php-php7.0 for php7, so the manual build steps is probably not.

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I'm using Windows 7, 64 bits, and PHP 5.3.5.

memcache is showing as this in phpinfo:

And I'm also getting a connection error Notice: Memcache::get() [memcache.get]: Server localhost (tcp 11211) failed

This is what I did:

1) I installed and ran the 64 bit memcached service:

How to install ubuntu on hp envy 4512. 2) I copied php_memcache.dll ( into php/ext.

3) I added extension = php_memcache.dll in php.ini.

4) I restarted XAMPP.

What could I be missing?

* Update *

Memcache seems to be listening now on port 11211, but now from my application I get the following error:

Notice: Memcache::get() [memcache.get]: Server (tcp 11211) failed with: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. (10060)

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3 Answers

You must run memcached server in Windows Control Panel->Administration->Services.

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Run path/memcache.exe -d start and make sure memcache is started

Install memcached php windows
Rhod PumarasRhod Pumaras

As @Gigala say in comments you can get another php_memchace.dll for different php versions from here

Install Memcached Php Windows

Download the extension for your php version following this example:

Free books on php programming. as '5.3' must be your php version

This works for me

Clear Memcache


Memcached Php Example

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