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I'm trying to set up a dualboot Win8/Linux on my HP tablet (touchsmart tm2-1050ez).However, when I'm finished setting it all up, after a few more reboots, I'm not able to boot to Linux anymore, as I keep getting the error

Hp Touchsmart Tm2 1100

BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [swapper/0:1]

over and over again right after GRUB. I've left it sit for an hour, only to retrieve a screenful of these messages (only varying slightly in the time it's been stuck). Even recovery mode won't work.

I’ve always liked hybrid tablets, the ones with both a keyboard and a rotating screen. About three years ago I bought the one I’m still using today: a HP Touchsmart tm2-2101sl, excited of the new release of Fedora 21 I decided to install it right away performing a clean install.

So far I've tried Fedora 17, Ubuntu 12.10 and most recently Mint MATE 14, all of which have died in this exact fashion within a day of the original setup.


I've googled the problem, but all I could come up with was to run a BIOS update, which I already did and didn't help anything.

  • HP TouchPad; Windows 8 on Touchpad;Install Windows 10 on a tablet currently running of drivers for your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 product using HP Support Install updated touchpad € The HP TouchPad is a Qualcomm Snapdragon.
  • The HP TouchSmart tm2 have the function keys and the 'special keys' like turning brightness up and down switched in comparison to many other laptops. This means to close a window with [Alt]+[F4], you have to press [Fn] as well.

Help would be much appreciated.


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Please add acpi=off noapic to your boot parameters. It will disable any ACPI functions (that is the system that controls your dynamic speed fans, the power button behavior, sleep states, etc.). This verifies if your problem is related to energy functions.

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Edit Grub-Boot-Line and append to kernel-line:

Epson tm u220 driver download windows 7 32bit. to get information about when getting stuck (which module(s) loaded just before stuck).

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This has happened to me before. I was trying to install Linux on my Acer x64 bit laptop and I ran into those same issues. I didn't want to install, Ubuntu for Netbooks or install the Tablet version, wanted the actual Linux on my system. I honestly think installing regular Ubuntu or Fedora is too robust for tablet hardware and it isn't tested well on those machines since it's not too robust, especially the CPU and motherboard architecture is different although it says its x64 bit compatible.

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Try looking at this distro:

Puppy linux is lighter and you get full command line access.

Also take a look at this before you download the .iso file


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