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Create automated worfklows that transform MicroStation DGN files for use in ArcGIS with Safe Software's FME. Free 30-day trial.

  1. I am a frequent recipient of microstation dgn files and don't like it because I don't have software to convert it to autocad. I do have ARCVIEW, but I can't edit the files.
  2. Import Shapefile Data into MicroStation. Transform ArcGIS maps for use in MicroStation using the data conversion capabilities of FME. FME allows you to efficiently restructure and reformat data, preserving attribution and other details during SHP to DGN translation.
  3. DGN to DWG Converter batch converts DGN files to AutoCAD DWG/DXF files without MicroStation and CAD.
  4. Exporting ESRI ArcGIS data to MicroStation DGN. Steve Kipping over 7 years ago. If you want to try importing ESRI shapefiles into Microstation, you might want to give this a try. This is an MDL application that will simply import shapefile linework into a.dgn file.
  5. Exporting ESRI ArcGIS data to MicroStation DGN. This is an MDL application that will simply import shapefile linework into a.dgn file.
  6. I am trying to export a dgn a which contains polygons to use as a shp shape file. I will use the shp to establish an area of interest on the USDA web soil survey map. Self help indicates to export a dgn to shp, go to.file>Export>Gis data types.
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2 years ago

So, I've got a DGN file - I need this file to be a shapefile or geodatabase file that I can open in ArcGIS and mess around with. Essentially we are converting a bunch of CAD stuff over to GIS.

The DGN file has these layers

  • Annotation

  • Point

  • Polyline

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  • Polygon

  • Multipatch

I can export out the polyline file and get a shapefile which gives me all of my lines, but the part I'm really stuck on is the annotation. With this specific DGN, I really just need the lines and annotations - is there any way to make these annotations work in ArcGIS? I've also tried 'Feature Class to Feature Class' but that seems about as helpful as exporting the Polyline layer to a shapefile.

I should also mention it's a shitload of labeling - I could just go back through and re-label it manually but that would take a lot of time (it's a huge map with a ton of details).

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I'm probably leaving something out here - so forgive me. Any advice on this?

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