How To Decode Php Files That Encoded By Zend Encoderpro

Prevent reverse engineering through PHP encoding and obfuscation

Fiverr freelancer will provide Web Programming services and Decode php files encoded with zend guard within 3 days. Mar 14, 2016  How to decode php files encoded with Zend Guard. The video shows two encoded php files that are decoded with a program. More info:

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You worked hard to develop your code. Now you need to protect it. Zend Guard's powerful encoding and obfuscation technologies prevent reverse engineering, copyright infringement and unauthorized modification of your code.
Encoding is a process where the PHP source code is converted to an intermediate machine readable format, just like PHP encryption. This format is hard for humans to read and convert back to source code. As a result it protects your code from casual browsing. This means that if people obtain access to your site's code they will not be able to use that for unintended purposes.
Obfuscation is a process where the code is intentionally made very hard to read as source code or as reverse engineered code. This obfuscation is designed to manage risks that stem from unauthorized access to source code. These risks include loss of intellectual property, ease of probing for application vulnerabilities and loss of revenue that can result when applications are reverse engineered, modified to circumvent licensing and then recompiled. Although reverse engineering always existed in computer software, it is especially important for in computing environments such as PHP which take advantage of dynamic processing of language elements rather than code which has been compiled into machine language before being deployed.

Protect your PHP code from unauthorized use

Zend Guard's licensing capabilities allow Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create a variety of licensing policies for their commercial PHP applications. The product supports most commonly used licensing models such as concurrent users, time limited, segment of network, or server specific licensing. These capabilities allow vendors to maximize their revenue by preventing unauthorized use.

How To Decode Php Files That Encoded By Zend Encoderpro Login

  1. Zend Guard, the most widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation product on the market, protects your application from unlicensed use and reverse engineering.
  2. Decode a PHP encoded with 'zend guard' PHP: We have a website maintained by an old employee and it appears it's encoded by Zend Guard including all backups.
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