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So after hearing requests for some more insight into maximizing performance/graphics I decided to make a little self-post to show everyone the settings I use and what you can change in your settings to hit 60fps consistently with high graphical settings in SWTOR. This guide is aimed at the 600 series of Nvidia GPUs, but I don’t doubt that this would help on older models. You just might have to lower the SWTOR graphic settings a little more.

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So first things first, ensure that you have the most up-to-date drivers for your video card. I am currently using the 310.90 driver version and it works great. If you do not know how to update your display drivers I highly recommended researching how to properly install new drivers. I would go into it here but there are already so many guides that it would be a waste of time, go google that shit. Once you have done that…


Next right-click your desktop and open the Nvidia Control Panel.

Click on Manage 3D Settings

You will need to add the swtor.exe if it is not already listed in the drop down menu for programs to customize. Now I am just going to list the settings that I use for Swtor. Go down the list and set everything as you see here:

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Anisotropic filtering: Use global setting (Application-controlled)

Antialiasing – FXAA: Use global setting (Off)

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Antialiasing – Gamma Correction: Off

Antialiasing – Mode: Use global setting (Application-controlled)

Antialiasing – setting: Use global setting (Application-controlled)

Antialiasing – Transparency: Use global setting (Off)

CUDA – GPUs: Use global setting (All)

Maximum pre-rendered frames: 1

Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Single display performance mode

Power Management mode: Prefer maximum performance

Texture Filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: On

Texture Filtering – Negative LOD bias: Allow

Texture Filtering – Quality: High Performance

Texture Filtering – Trilinear optimization: On

Threaded optimization: Auto

Triple Buffering: On

Vertical Sync : Use the 3D application setting

I also wanted to mention one thing, you will only be able to run in Fullscreen mode if you want Vsync to work properly. I use vsync because it gets rid of any screen tearing and everything seems to be smoother when the frames are leveled at 60fps.


Next step: Edit your SWTOR Graphic settings. Once again I am going to list the settings just make sure they match what I put here.


Vertical Sync: ON

Full Screen Exclusive mode: Fullscreen

Graphics Quality Preset: Custom

Resolution: 1920x1080

Refresh Rate: 60

Full Screen Gamma: 100


Bloom: On

Conversation Depth of Field: Off

Texture Quality: High

Shader Complexity: High

Beta 600

Anti Aliasing: Off

Character Level of Detail: High

Texture Anisotropy: High

Shadow Quality: High

Character Texture Atlasing: High

Grass Quality: 50%

Tree Quality: 50%

Visible Character limit: LowPhp mbstring extension.



Now it is granted that these are not Ultra settings but I consider them to be high and the game looks beautiful/runs great. Let me know how these settings work for you. Also download a GPU monitoring program such as EVGA Precision X or MSI Afterburner.

Flashpoint Explorer 600

I use EVGA Precision X to overclock and control my GPU fan, and then I use the K-Boost to lock the core clock at my overclock speed, this eliminates the throttling that the card does on its own and I believe it cuts down on the choppiness and stuttering certain games can have.

One last thing, the setting “Maximum pre-rendered frames:” in the Nvidia control panel is one of my favorites to tweak and see what works best. You can set it anywhere from 1-4 but I noticed the biggest improvement in SWTOR at 1. Maximum pre-rendered frames limits the number of frames the CPU can prepare before the frames are processed by the GPU. So sometimes increasing this value can result in smoother game play, I find that in SWTOR leaving it at 1 has the best results. My theory is that this is because the CPU is already working hard enough with this game to be rendering 3 extra frames for the GPU at any given time. But I could be wrong.

Well that’s all! I hope you liked my guide and it worked for you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask I have no problem explaining individual settings if need be.


Nikko Beta 600

I got the Fujitsu Q550 for my mother for Christmas on clearance and upgraded to Windows 8. I didn't do enough research before the purchase to be aware of the video issues regarding GMA 600. I ended up rolling it back to Windows 7, but she is starting to have some other issues, so I just tried installing Windows 8 again. I found someone who had supposedly modified the driver version 3077 to run better on Windows 8, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

Adorama Flashpoint 600

I was running Windows Updates after the install and noticed that it installed driver version 3056. When I had tried this 8 months ago, I don't think Windows Update in Windows 8 found any drivers for GMA 600 and left the Microsoft default drivers. I just checked the Intel website and the version of the driver from Windows Update is not even available there. Intel only has versions 3048, 3066, and 3077 available. I'm going to try this out and see if the graphics runs any more smoothly than they did the first time I tried Windows 8 on this tablet. I'm hopeful that posting this driver version in Windows Update means that Microsoft has figured something out regarding this driver.

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