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HP Quick Launch is pre-installed on the PC Such software is installed by the manufacture when delivering the PC to the end user. Some pre-installed programs are considered bloatware as they are simply limited function trials, while others are required for proper PC operation. Update your HP computer to have the latest software and drivers available. HP provides many software and driver downloads free of charge. Came pre-installed on.

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  1. Hp Pre Installed Software
Ok, so after a hard drive failure on my Packard Bell ENTK85 I bought a 'used' but unused hard drive with windows 7 professional already on it. The hard drive came from a HP laptop and with it a lot of programs and drivers meant for HP computers. I have tried to uninstall them, but only get an error message saying '_ERR_SYSTEM_NOT_SUPPORTED'
I would like to get rid of these extra programs, but they refuse to be uninstalled. It is starting to get annoying as I'm getting frequent error messages from them saying they arent working properly. They don't appear on startup, but do pop up after booting, rebooting or after a while.
I hope i gave enough information if someone can help with these things
FreeHp Pre Installed Programs Registry
This document applies to HP computers with Windows 10 and 8.
The registry is a database in Windows that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on the computer. Windows often reads and updates the information in the registry.
Normally, software programs make registry changes automatically. You should not make unnecessary changes to the registry. Changing registry files incorrectly can cause Windows to stop working or make Windows report the wrong information.
Make changes only when they come from trusted sources and always back up the registry before making changes.
An incorrect registry entry can cause serious system problems or prevent the computer from starting. If you must edit the registry to resolve issues, you should always make a backup by following the directions below in Step 1: Backing up the Windows registry. If the registry is damaged due to editing but has not been backed up, the only resolution may be a system recovery.
This document describes how to create a backup of the Windows registry, how to edit the registry, and how to restore the registry if something goes wrong.

Hp Pre Installed Software

For business PCs, if changes revert after rebooting or items are unavailable or greyed out, measures could have been put in place to manage the PCs security policies. Check with your company's IT department or your local IT service for clarification.
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