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Ok I have the HP DMI tool. I had to have made a bootable USB or floppy. Thats the part i cant remember. I sure didnt give exact details did i? Probably cause there no way to share it (the utility) here. Anyway, anyone have a good bootable USB utility? I replace quite a few MBs. This is a first for me. I ordered a repalcement HP MB and after I got it installed I get a power-on error, it says s/n product number etc invalid. HPSetCfg is a tool that will allow an HP Authorized service partner to program the Serial Number and Model number on certain HP, Compaq, Pavilion, and Presario branded notebooks.

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(Solved) - burn in MB s/n using DMI tool/utility

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I replace quite a few MBs. This is a first for me. I ordered a repalcement HP MB and after I got it installed I get a power-on error, it says s/n product number etc invalid. You can press enter from there and it goes in to the OS just fine. After exhaustive reading I learned that the MB did not have its numbers imputed so if I wanted to get past that error message, either I would have to forever hit 'enter' at every start up or do the numbers myself. When I contacted the vendor I got the MB from they just copied and pasted some instructions that were slightly over my head. SO, again after exhaustive reading on HP site and on other forums, I have concluded I need a DMI utility..it requires creating a bootable flash drive (or I suppose disc) and loading a HP file/utility, similar to a .ROM BIOS flash; it creates a 'basic' DOS menu like the BIOS and from there you input about six dif numbers and the factory OS. After that is done, you're good to go.

The problem is, of course, those utilities are not readily available. Neither is good advice for procuring them. I know one of the biggest problems with replacing Apple MBs is that you have to burn a serial in or they sometimes wont work, or at least work properly. Though I do realize of course all other manufacturers have a similar procedure, I have never had this issue. I would guess this vendor replaced the BIOS chip and forgot to do this part, or they used a 'wrong' BIOS chip. and yes of course i did e mail them and instead of sending it back to them, they just copied and pasted instructions. They neglected to paste links or attach a useful .exe to help me with this. So I need two things: How do I make a bootable flash drive and where can I locate the utility I need. I am going to copy the email and instructions below. After researching I see they got this from an HP forum, and these instructions have been pasted all over forums around the net. Useless info if you dont have the utility. also, I have searched and all I get for results to download are either links to torrents that dont have what they advertise, or links to pages that claim to have it but they all require sign-up or fees. in other words, all crap. help appreciated. instructions follow:

With your Bios Update

All you need is basic DOS Skills and a bootable
USB (all found on Google) and the DMIFIT tool and HPBQ138.EXE (also Google)
from there you just have to boot to usb type HPBQ138 and fill in the
correct info. Under basic here is a Hint, Remove your Battery and there is
your PCID Number: P

Basic Menu
(0) Serial Number = obviously your S/N
on the back of your laptop
(1) Notebook Model= Mine was Compaq Presario
Cq61 Notebook PC....Don't think this really matters
(2) Guid Number=
this one was a B#$%H i had no clue so RANDOM FTW!!
(3) UUID Number= Select
1 to generate UUID
(4) SKU Number= It's the Product Number on the bottom
Mine was WA985UA#ABA
(5) CTO Localization Code = ABA
(6) MAC Address =
Again Random..you can judge or use and get past hitting Enter every
(7) PCID = Ok under the battery cover there is a Sticker..it might
also be on the Motherboard.
(8) System Board CT # = i left this
blank..it's a sticker on the motherboard if you want to fill it in.<not
(A) Advanced Menu
(2) OS SKU = if no windows (0), if it had vista
(1), if it had windows 7 (2)

(A) Platform Revision = You can put in 110
but it could be different and then just Esc all the way out until you?re at
C: then just CTRL+ALT+DELET and enjoy..hopefully. You might noticed i
didn't enter all the ADVANCED MENU options..if you choose to play in them
Go for it at your Own RISK.

Frankly, if it were I, since I rarely start my computers from scratch more than every month or two, and I have ruined a couple of motherboards while flashing the BIOS, it is not for the feint of heart, I would leave well enough alone and hit an extra CR when needed.

no help huh. well im 75% done, just missing a few things. so if anyone has a quality HP utility to do this let me know. or ill post my results when i figure it out

Why should you be the one to sort this out? Demand a replacement from the vendor!

Yeah the vendor was crap on this one. Ive bought about ten MB from them and this is the only one I've ever had this issue with. They told me it 'just happens' on certain MBs. Ha.
Anyway, I found the proprietary HP utility for tatooing MBs, and I found a useable DOS boot utility, so I learned another process. Unfortunately, it does me little good as by the next time Ill need it, it'll be a long time, and more pertinantly, I do not yet know how to micro-solder. I have been able to teach myself many things, but that is out of my reach without an instructor. So, as I will never personally be changing a BIOS chip, its a bit of a useless skill. I have been trying to find someone who will let me apprentice soldering with them; Ive even posted CL ads offering payment for the knowledge, but Ive gotten nothing. I suppose most who read it figured I was an idiot, or competition.


I have NEVER heard of such HP 'BS' in my life !!!!

Why do folks put up with and purchase these HP products ?!?!

Rick P.

I just have to say -- THANKS! Being in the hardware biz for almost 30 years, I've replaced a ton of motherboards myself, and this is the second time I've seen this happen. The first time it happened, there was no help to be found to fix it.

This isn't tough at all once you have the right software to get the job done, and you provided the answers to everything else.

You saved my butt dude. Thank you. I really appreciate it. If you ever come to Myrtle Beach, I'll buy you several beers.

hows this for funny..i posted this a few months ago and guess what..got another one. cant remember how the hell i did it.

i do still have the DMI tool but cant remember how i implemented it.

Ok I have the HP DMI tool. I had to have made a bootable USB or floppy. Thats the part i cant remember. i sure didnt give exact details did i? probably cause there no way to share it (the utility) here. anyway, anyone have a good bootable USB utility?

mertyle beach-thanks, i think
raphoenix- well whats a better alternative? dont say MAC..at least Dell and HP are super-hacked so getting what you need is at least possible . and that link..yeah what a joke; if i was on a basic consumer end and i saw that on a website for support..ugh

anyway; heres a link

Canon ae-1 program battery. A complete help is available by the menu:.

good enough bootable utility; then all you do is copy the file into the newly-formatted USB you are using..the file will look like this 'HPQXXXX.EXE'
copy it to your USB, boot off USB, when in DOS you will get a 'C:', enter HPQXXXXX without the extension; if you are using correct DMI file, you will then get a menu with DOS prompts and easy enough instructions. all in DOS so if youre not 55 or up, prepare yourself to think and type in DOS


the correct file name will be in this format:


HP, letter x2, number x3.exe

ps_you can rename file; use letter/number or just number etc only{no characters}

Have a similar problem , experienced a bad flash (lost power in middle of Bios upgrade) .
Have soldered on a new (programmed) Bios Chip , however I have missing DMI information and since the Laptop has been acting strangely
I have not found the HP DMI utility , been looking for hours , anyone know where to find it ?
I think a video should be done in order for anyone who experiences missing DMI information , there's precious little information and cannot find the tools to fix :(

90Ninety hi. Please can you ask your question in a New Topic.

Thanks mate, your post was awesome. You really made my day. Please accept my kind gratitude for your wonderful insight and sharing.

Do not use these if you are not willing to take the risk of damaging your machine. For those that dont mind -> Tools

Kelen the SP37209 zip file is will not download. Can you send another link for it please?

@ Rick P. I agree with you about HP. I wouldn't get one of their products even if it was free.

It will not download for me. Can anyone send me a new link?

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