Install Php Imap Extension Ubuntu

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  1. Install Php Imap Extension Ubuntu Linux
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  3. Install Php Imap Extension Ubuntu Server

Sep 10, 2014  But it just keeps on saying 'PHP imap extension is not installed'. Is there another way of compiling PHP with IMAP support on Ubuntu Server 12.04.5 LTS. I know that I can install PHP with IMAP by running the command 'aptitude install php-imap'. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 Server and have php version 5 installed. I did a apt-get install php5-imap and it installed or says it did but I can't find the extension in the php.ini file to load it nor.

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I have a LAMP box running Ubuntu, Apache 2 and PHP5 with Slicehost. I'm a bit new to all this sysadmin stuff (I'm primarily a web developer).

I need to use the IMAP functions in PHP, but they don't seem to be enabled according to phpinfo(). How do I enable them?

All of the information I can find on the net says I need to recompile PHP to add it, but I don't have a clue how to do that.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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Well, that depends on the distribution your LAMP server is running on. For example with Debian you can install the PHP5 IMAP module straight from the package manager with command apt-get install php5-imap.

Janne Pikkarainen

Install Php Imap Extension Ubuntu Linux

Janne Pikkarainen

Php Imap Extension

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Carry out the following:

Install Php Imap Extension Ubuntu Server

However it's not enabled by default so enable it with:

Then bounce apache:


John SimmondsJohn Simmonds
How to install imap

Check the PHP version:

Suppose shows 7.0.32. So your FastCGI Process Manager(fpm) tool version is 7.0


Now install IMAP ENABLE and ENJOY!! Follow below commands.

Restart & Enable service:

Check now. IMAP is enabled!

Install php on ubuntu
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