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No battery is detected just this week my laptops power management icon started showing no battery detected. This is unusual because i use battery power often on my laptop and as of last week i could run 2.5 to 3hrs with out charging. Dec 03, 2010  Replace the battery. Install the Dell Recommended Vista Power Management Settings software this could re-establish the battery status. HP-Pavilion CPU 2.30 gigahertz AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core. Though it says No battery is detected, I still can depend on batter for 30 minutes. Jul 25, 2012  HP; Battery not detected by the HP calibration tool. Battery not detected by the HP calibration tool. I installed it and it detected the battery. I had windows vista on my Sony VGN-NR160E laptop and the battery was not being detected by the OS. I upgraded last night to Windows 8.1 and still have the same problem. The battery is completely. Oct 30, 2015  In this video i showed you that how can you fix your laptop battery problem when you get the message that NO Battery Is Detected. You will get this message in windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7.

(Solved) - HELP!! Unable to run system recovery(OS not detected)

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I have an Acer Aspire M5711, intel core2 quad, Vista Home Premium 64bit(OEM), it's 2.5years old and have never done any re-installation.

Some history (tried to be brief.. sorry.):
Few days ago my comp just restarted itself and boots into repair/recovery mode, but i think the system overheated and the comp just shuts down again. So i cleaned my fan and booted again. but it refuses to boot(ran the bar for ~5mins) and gave 2 options: repair mode and start windows normally. tried both options and went back to the same screen. Pressed F8, tried last known good configuration(ran the bar and restarts again) and safe mode stops at crcdisk.sys.

Thought i would just back up my data and reinstall Vista or use system restore. So, I used Ubuntu LiveCD and backed up my D drive but i cannot access C drive(ubuntu told me to run chkdsk /f in windows). Googled and the solution given is to run Vista installation disk and use the 'repair your computer'. So now i'm stucked at 'System Recovery Options', it doesn't locate any vista OS and tried 'load driver'. Downloaded driver from acer website, but now i'm not sure if i downloaded the correct driver.

so i used the chipset driver, in the folder IDE>WinVista64>sataraid>nvrd64.inf
but a pop up says: 'The specified location does not contain information about your hardware.'. Search all other folders and could not find any raid controller driver.

1. Am i on the right track? i really need to recover the data on my c drive, good deal of my uni work are there.

2. Where can i find the correct driver if that is what i need?

3. Else, what are the steps i should take?

Thanks so much for your help=)


Does not look like a driver problem. Looks like your C partition is corrupted. You can try to run Command Prompt from the installation or repair disk. The command is


Depending on the size of your C partition that can take several hours.

Thanks for the reply =)

i tried the command prompt and it displays:

X:Sources>chkdsk c: /f /r
cannot open volume for direct access.

No Battery Is Detected Laptop

what should i do?

thanks again whs, my c partition was indeed corrupted, ran chkdsk 3 times=)
However, i needed to load the sata raid driver (required to recognize the disk partitions) before i can run chkdsk.

just an update on the situation:
was unable to run chkdsk because hdd was running on raid.. so there is a need to load sata raid controller(the correct one) However, the driver set downloaded from acer website will give u one whole list of drivers which will have the same name when u try to 'load drivers' from the nvrd64.inf. Basically, i tried each and every one of them until one of the drivers is successfully installed (patience is the key, as for my case the screen hangs for like 5-10mins after installation, just WAIT, since i'm booting from vista installation disc, everything is snail pace).
POINT TO NOTE: For some weird reason, even though the driver is installed, vista os is still not displayed on the list of os on the system recovery window. Just ignore it and go ahead and press next.
From there, i went to cmd prompt and did:

'in command prompt, type in regedit.exe and hit enter. When the registry editor comes up, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then go to File -> Load Hive.'
U can refer to this post from another forum which i posted the same question

Anyway, it recognises my C: drive (note: it may be given some other alphabet) but it's locked up(cannot access/no folders detected), because it's corrupted by the sudden shut down previously during recovery mode. So i when to cmd prompt again to do chkdsk [chkdsk X: /f](note that X is the drive alphabet) on my C: drive. Hyperterminal. I did chkdsk 3 times, 1st time many errors were corrected and removed, 2nd time some corrections did, 3rd time found no problem=)
NOTE: at the end of the check it says, 'Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50', which is no issue since u need to unmount your drive in order to run chkdsk, since the drive is unmounted so it cannot write to the drive.

If u need to check the label for your drive refer to this post:
Or u can just check it from windows explorer from the registry editor

Sony Vaio No Battery Is Detected

From the windows explorer, i copied and pasted my whole c: drive into my external hdd(which may just take hours, it's occuring as of now). For my case, no copying window is shown so just wait and check it once in a while using your cursor, or u can open the properties window to check the memory size.

Will update later on progress, if system restore doesn't work for me, i will just reinstall vista, or perhaps switch to Linux

hope this post will help if u face a similar issue=)

No Battery Is Detected Toshiba

That is very good input. Thanks. Now I know why I avoid Raid like the plague and rather work with SSDs. LOL

Guess i gonna disable RAID when i reformat my comp=) LOL.

Transferred all my data smoothly and restored vista back to previous state.
Will reformat my comp after i figure out the settings i want/need=)

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