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How to Fix a Print Spooler. The print spooler helps your Windows computer interact with the printer, and orders the print jobs in your queue. About the print. Spooler error 1053, Get spooler issue solved. Free repair tool for error 1053. Spool error 1053, fix spooler error 1053. Fix spooler service 1053 win7. Print Spooler Fix Utility--is very easy to use and working tool to redeem different kinds of print spooler errors in Windows operating systems. It will not only. Printer Software; Print Spooler. Printer spooler service works with two system files spoolss.dll / spoolsv.exe and one service. If due to any Reason The Service Stopped working, service isn’t running, Then your printer won’t work, Or unable to complete the print job.

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How to fix print spooler error 1053? When I tried to print a page, it doesn’t print anything and gives me a error messagewindows cannot connect to the printer the local print spooler service is not running please restart the spooler or restart the computer”. I little bit understand about the print spooler service has stopped. Then I went to services page to start the print spooler service manually, now I got a another error message “Windows could not start the Print spooler service on Local Computer Error 1053 The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion”. Please help me to solve that issue.

Solved Answer

Print Spooler error 1053 is a common error that you face on Windows while you are trying to print out from printer or trying to install a new printer. Actually this is a software error and can have many cause for it. So there are many variation for this error and also there are many ways to resolve this error. The error “Print Spooler error 1053” means the spooler service is unable to register its status in service control manager. You will see this error message repeated every time when you try to start this service or when try to add or install a printer or try to print a document. Corrupted printer driver may also the cause of this error.

To repair the print spooler service error 1053, There are two methods to solve that issue.

Method 1 :Automatic fix. (We have developed a Free tool to fix that issue in few seconds, just download that tool as per your operating system and run it once. This tool is completely free of cost.

Method 2 :You need to follow some manually steps to fix this error 1053.

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#Method 1

Automatic Fix it

Please Run this tool in Safemode MODE (Recommended), if you run this tool in normal mode, it might be will not work properly.

DownloadPrint Spooler Error 1053 Repair Tool.exe(Freeware) for for WindowsXP, Vista, windows 7, windows 8.

After finished please Restart your computer, and then problem will be fixed.

Click on below link to download the complete print spooler repair tool, that tool will reinstall your print spooler completely.

#Method 2

Manually Steps

1. Open Services page

  • Click on Start button, right click on Computer then click on Manage. You’ll get a window, click on “Services and Application” and then click on services. Look on the right side pane, you’ll get services page which have listed all the services.

2. Open “Print Spooler” service configuration page

  • In the services page, please find the service named as “print spooler” then double click on that to open their configuration window.

3. Untick the check box of “Allow service to interact with desktop”.

  • Once you open the “print spooler” configuration page then click on “Log on” tab, un-check the option named as “Allow service to interact with desktop” and click on apply and OK

4. Start the “print spooler” service

  • Click on “General” tab, and click on “start” then click on apply and OK

What Is Printer Spooler Service

5. Re-permit Spooler’s system files (spoolsv.exe, Spoolss.dll).

  • Click on Start button.
  • Click on Computer.
  • Open C Drive (Which have your OS installed) .
  • Open Windows.
  • Open System32.
  • In System32 folder, you need to find two files named as spoolsv.exe, Spoolss.dll. You need to change their permissions to administrators.
  • Right click on spoolsv.exe and then click on properties option.
  • Click on Security Tab.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Click on Owner tab.
  • Click on Edit button.
  • Select Administrators, then click on Apply and then OK.
  • Click on Permission Tab.
  • Click on Change Permission.
  • Click on Add Button
  • Type Everyone, then click on OK, and then check mark all the boxes of allow row, then click on OK
  • Click on OK to finish that.
  • Find a one more file named asspoolss.dll, do the same permission steps on it.
  • Now need to restart your computer to take effects.

Then try to do print command, it will be working fine this time.

Printer Spooler Service Information

Can’t start print spooler windows 7, printer spooler, printers are missing and spooler not running Viruses can corrupt the registry setting of print spooler, spoolsv.exe and other .dll files. Because of print spooler services is only the one service that will effect most of the users, then we are going to take print however we getting the error message “Print spooler service has stopped please restart the service”, when users go to start the service but it won’t start or it says the error 1053 could not start the service, This print Spooler error 1053 not fix by Microsoft Fix It.

To fix this spooler problems, apply following fix. After this fix your problem will be solved, Your spooler will be repaired automatically, and get start working again, it will restore the spooler service as per default stage, which they does usually.

Fix Printer Spooler


I unable to solve that error “print spooler error 1053” myself, I can not solve “print spooler error 1053”. Delete the print spooler queues, this repair tool will be solved that issue, I can’t get my print spooler service has started. I need support to repair “print spooler error 1053” , all the printer spooler services & files has been installed successfully. This tool will be repaired all the spooler files and services as well, need help to start the print spooler service. I got helped by repair tool to resolved that “print spooler error 1053” issue. Fix “print spooler error 1053”

When i went to services page and tried to start print spooler service, it shown me a error message “print spooler error 1053”, Keeps getting the error message “print spooler error 1053”. Print spooler won’t stay, it gives me error message “print spooler error 1053”, what is that error message “print spooler error 1053”, when did it come into my computer, from where did it come, how spooler files gone corrupted. Install & upgrade your printer new latest drivers. If you got wrong driver by mistake you can restore & reset revert back, that will be set all the spooler registry settings as default.

Printer Spooler Service Repair Tool

Printer spooler service starts when computer boots up, most of the viruses does target to corrupt the spooler service, Spooler service does manage the printer ques and it forward the print request to printer one by one when you cancel the any print requested that service can helps you to cancel the print request and the service also delete this request print command from computer memory and as well computer memory , windows could not start print spooler service error 1053, solve print spooler 1053 windows 7, print spooler error 1053. Printer spooler error 1053 fix for win xp, win 7, windows vista, win 8.



“Print Spooler Error 1053” error are caused by missing system files or broken system registry structures. This is a critical sign of an unstable system that is typically caused by improper maintenance of the computer. Error 1053 can sometimes be caused by a hung program running in the background. Usually this type of error is estimated to occur due to a virus infection or other malicious interference.

Print spooler is a inbuilt service of windows. It uses to communicate between computer with your printer. The main causes of this error is damaged registry files, malware, viruses, and corrupted data can result in operating system Error 1053 issues.

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Error message

Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer Error 1053 The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely manner.


Free repair tool to repair “print spooler error 1053”, this tool will uninstall printer spooler service completely then re-install it again. It will also remove their dependencies then set them again.

You can download that tool to repair “print spooler error 1053” on that webpage, this tool will repair all the print spooler registry entries to repair “print spooler error 1053”, It can be also changed print spooler file and registry permission.

Actually print spooler service and spoolsv.exe, spoolss.dll files lost their appropriate permissions. You can get rid of this “print spooler error 1053” message, If you can’t do it manually, then don’t lose your more files permission. After repair “print spooler error 1053” by this tool. one this is left that install a proper antivirus on your computer because virus has changed spooler files permissions.

To repair the printer spooler error we need to try many steps to find out the exact cause of this. Some time uninstalling the printer driver and installing it again can solve the print spooler error quickly. But some time it does not help in resolving the error. So here are the steps to resolve this issue and start your printer spooler again.

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