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Description Epson Print and Scan delivers an exceptional print and scan experience in the Start screen for your Wi-Fi connected Epson All-In-One printers on Windows 8 so you can get your work done! The Epson Print and Scan app provides you with familiar basic control that are enhanced for touch to compliment your creativity. Note: * This device app does not support All-In-One devices on USB connection at this time. * Searching for a printer may fail due to your network configuration. Features Print - Touch enhanced User Interface - Device selection - Document preview - Paper size - Paper type - Color mode Scan - Touch enhanced User Interface - Device selection - Document preview - Preset scan sizes - Resolution - Color mode Compatible Models: XP-820, XP-821, XP-620, XP-621,XP-625, XP-720, XP-721, XP-520, XP-860, XP-760, XP-220 XP-320, XP-324, XP-420, XP-424, XP-225, XP-322, XP-323, XP-325, XP-422, XP-423, XP-425 WF-100, WF-2660, WF-2661, WF-2650, WF-2651, WF-2630, WF-2631 WF-R5690, WF-R5691, WF-R4640, WF-R5190, WF-M5690, WF-M5190, WF-M5191, WF-6530, WF-6510 WF-6010, WF-6090

Please see this list for our supported Android devices.
If your device is not on this list, we do not currently support it.
[Overview of the application]
PULSENSE measures heartbeat and activity 24 hours a day, tracking your exercise across five heart rate zones, as well as steps, distance, calories, sleep quality, and mind.
'Epson PULSENSE View' is an application for Android that allows you to view the data recorded by your PULSENSE device, making it easy to keep an eye on your daily, weekly or monthly statistics. Data will be synchronised wirelessly via Bluetooth® Smart with your Android device, providing you with real time data on the go. In addition you can use the app to set your targets and manage your device settings including your wake-up alarm.
Simply swipe the dials to navigate through the activities at ease.
Swipe the tab in the middle at the top of the screen to the bottom in order to display the real-time meter. You can use this function to monitor your heart rate during a workout for effective heart rate zone training. Press the 'START' button to start the recording and finish the recording by pressing 'STOP' at the end of your training.
PULSENSE calculates calories burned based upon body motion and heart rate data, which is related very closely to calories burned, enabling more detailed calorie calculation. You can also input your calories manually by pressing the button.
[Battery consumption and location data]
PULSENSE View relies on mobile device and Wi-Fi station data when determining your position, which is less accurate than GPS data. This application does not use a GPS data to preserve your Android device battery.
[Supported devices]
PS-100, PS-500
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  • [Supported devices] PS-100, PS-500 We welcome your feedback. 'Epson PULSENSE View' is an application for Android that allows you to view the data recorded by your.
  • This is a crystal oscillator that houses a SAW resonator chip and IC chip including crystal oscillation circuit in a package. Epson offers SAW oscillators under the EG series. In particular, the EG-2121 and EG-2102 have improved frequency-temperature characteristics to one-half their previous levels.
Driver stampante epson aculaser cx17 driver. They add hundreds of new drivers to our site every day. To see more matches, use our custom search engine to. To download, select the best match for your device.

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