Simple Rmi Program Using Netbeans With Php

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Jan 21, 2015  Simple Chat Server Java RMI Vijani Supeshala Piyawardana. (Remote Method Invocation) In Java Without Using Any IDE. How to Create Java RMI using Netbeans IDE Part1 - Duration. How to build this RMI project using Netbeans? How to create a Netbeans PHP Project by using terminal in Ubuntu 12.04? Programming Puzzles & Code Golf.

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I have been following this step by step tutorial about RMI:, and already succeeded in compiling and running this project by using command prompt as what the tutorial has taught here:

But now I am wondering, how is it if I want to create this project using Netbeans? So that I can create GUI for this project and just run it from the Netbeans IDE. Up until now, I have tried the multiple numbers of way to create it on Netbeans, but each time, the project failed to be run. Please help, as I have spent about 4 days already and not yet find any solution or tutorial that can guide me through.

This is the screenshot that I got after trying to run it from Netbeans:

To be clear, what I am trying to do is 'to create a swing client for the RMI application that create and run the RMI invocation in Netbeans instead of command line'

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Netbeans Php Interpreter Windows

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I have finally found the way to do this. What i need to do is start the RMIRegistry first before i run the Server. Unlike in the command prompt where i have to typr 'start rmiregistry', i just have to put this line in my code in the Netbeans to start thr RMIregistry : ' LocateRegistry.createRegistry(1099);' where 1099 being the port number.

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actually, you can use both LocateRegistry.createRegistry() or just type rmiregistry in the command prompt to start the rmiregistry whenever u want to use it for netbeans project


'Connection refused' means in this case that there was no Registry running at the indicate IP:port. So fix that, or fix the IP:port.

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I am trying to make a very simple chat program using RMI (no GUI's) but i am struggling for ideas.How do i register clients when they connect to the server?When i use

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Netbeans Php Download


all this does is show the ip address (and they are the same for all clients that connect from the same computer (from multiple command windows).What i am trying to implement is this: when a client logs on he is shown a switch-case menu and ift they press

  1. they get a list of connected clients.

  2. sendMessage(client, String)

But i do not know how to identify individual clients?

And when i do, how do i show a string only on that client's window ?


Research:(i have looked at ideas on the web but a lot of them are more advanced than i want. This is a simple application and i do not want to complicate it / copy code i dont understand).There are previous questions on SO but with 0/1 answers (not very popular topic!) or not helpful!


1 Answer

Looks like i found what i was looking for:

RMI Callback

Basically making every client a server, so the server can respond as well as receive messages.

I have been directed to a resource that might help:

Using Netbeans With Php

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Netbeans For Php Development

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