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nfs performance tuning for hp-ux 11.0 and 11i systemspage 8
  • NFS Performance Tuning For HP-UX 11.0 and 11i Systems Dave Olker Systems. Developed the ttcp (Test TCP Connection) program in. Available to download from http.
  • Jul 27, 2011  How to download HP-UX OS? I want to install Hp-UX OS for practicing commands and all. Which site can I use? Kindly help!! Thank you in advance!
  • Download Options. PDF (13.4 KB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. You can use the Test TCP utility (TTCP) to measure TCP throughput through an IP.
Page 8July 22, 2002

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The above ttcp output shows this NFS server can send
80MB of TCP/IP data to the clients discard port (9) in
ttcp is a simple, lightweight program that measures the throughput of any network
connection without relying on the filesystem layer. It can generate either UDP or
TCP traffic, and it can be configured to send small or large sized packets to
Mike Muuss (the author of the “ping” command) and Terry Slattery, of the US Army
Ballistics Research Lab (BRL), developed the ttcp (Test TCP Connection) program in
the early 1980’s. The program now resides in the public domain and is freely
available to download from Also available
from this site is a man page for the ttcp program, which documents the many
It is important to measure the network throughput going in both directions (i.e.
client to server, server to client) to make sure that the bi-directional performance is
The ttcp results should not be misinterpreted as potential NFS throughput values.
They merely illustrate the capabilities of the specific network link being tested.

Presented by Jeanna Matthews, 11/13/01

This page written by Jared Hollenbeck

Overview / Background

Test TCP (TTCP) is a command-line sockets-based benchmarking tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance between two systems. It was originally developed for the BSD operating system starting in 1984. The original TTCP and sources are in the public domain, and copies are available from many anonymous FTP sites.

TTCP has become another standard UNIX networking tool because it has a real advantage over tools like FTP. If you have a high performance network, it is difficult for any single computer system to transfer data to or from disk at rates which are sufficient for real network testing. TTCP achieves high performance by filling a memory buffer with data, then repeatedly transmitting this data. Since everything is running from memory, you have a traffic transmitter and receiver that can operate at true network speeds.

TTCP has remained an excellent tool for bootstrapping hosts onto the network, by providing (essentially) a UNIX 'pipe' between two machines across the network.

Basics of Using TTCP

To use TTCP, you start a copy of TTCP in receive mode at one place within the network, then start a second copy in transmit mode at another place within the network. The results of the transfer of data from the transmitter to the receiver indicate the approximate performance of the path between the source and destination. By selecting the source and destination at various points with the network, you can analyze critical portions of the path.

Lbp • You should see the dialog ‘Drivers and Software.’ Click on the model that you want to have.

TCP is a connection oriented protocol, so we must have a receiver listening before a transmitter can connect. So the first step is to start up a TTCP receiver (or use the discard port on a destination system.)
For this demo, we are using the Windows version of ttcp called pcattcp:

Begin by starting a reciever on the destination machine:
pcattcp -r
Use ipconfig to note the IP address of the receiving machine:
ipconfig /all
Then the start the transmitter on the source machine:
pcattcp -t IP_Address_of_receiver
When the connection is made, the receiver outputs a status line showing that it has accepted the connection. Upon completion of the transfer, the receiver statistics are output, showing the amount of data transferred, the transfer time, the calculated throughput, and the number of I/O calls to read the data.

TTCP uses the time and the amount of data transferred, to calculate the throughput between the transmitter and the receiver.

Help Screen:

Typical Transmitting Screen:


By default, a TCP connection is used to transmit the data. You can use UDP instead byusing a '-u' flag on both the sender and the receiver:
On receiver: pcattcp -r -u
On transmitter: pcattcp -u -t dest_machine

Hp Ux Download

Performance Comparison

You can also vary the size of the packets sent over the network with the -l flag.We used this to compare TCP throughput to UDP throughput and how each of themis effected by changes in packet size.

For example, the following line will transmit 512 bytes at a time over a UDP connection:
On receiver: pcattcp -t -u -l 512 IP_address_of_receiver
In this demo, we collected the following data:

Transport Mechanism Packet Size Throughput (KB/s)
TCP 512 97
TCP 1460 119
UDP 512 4096
TCP 8192 165
UDP 8192 9216

Download Ttcp Windows 10

This data clearly shows that the overhead of TCP's reliable in-order byte stream with flow control. UDP has (*much* higher throughput! You can also see that larger packet size transltes into lower overhead and higher throughput!

Other Uses

To transfer files, data can be piped into the transmitter and out of thereceiver:
On receiver: pcattcp -r tar xvpf -
On transmitter: tar cf - directory pcattcp -t dest_machine

To work around routing problems, additional intermediate machines can be included by:
pcattcp -r pcattcp -t next_machine


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like TTCP, developed by NLANR. Friendlier and more functionality. See links below.

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