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Windows 7 pro oa free download - PDF Reader for Windows 7, Windows 7 (Professional), Windows 7 (Ultimate), and many more programs. Hi, where can I download a Windows 7 ISO to repair my non booting Windows 7 installation for my HP laptop. If I download the ISO-file from Microsoft - 5782770.

The only legal Windows 7 download available is now from Microsoft, as Microsoft has stopped DigitalRiver Windows 7 ISO downloads.


But Microsoft only provides these downloads for Windows 7 Retail Product Keys, not OEM preinstalled Product Keys (Dell, HP, etc).

If you have a Retail Windows 7 License and are having troubles at the above website, contact Microsoft using the Support option there.

If you have a preinstalled OEM License (Dell, HP, etc), contact your Computer Manufacturer to order Recovery Media which they should supply for a small cost.

Or you can also borrow the exact same Retail Windows 7 Edition DVD and use your Product Key to reinstall.

Or you can check under Programs > the Manufacturer's Software > Create Recovery disk, etc.


I suggest that you also read this about preinstalled OEM Licenses.

Here are the Key/s to press at Boot to start the Recovery Process back to Factory Settings (new condition). Under each Manufacturer in the list below are the instructions in the respective links for you to follow on how to use their Recovery Partition

Acer – Press Left Alt + F10 Keys.

Advent – Tap F10 until Starting System Recovery appears

Asus – Press F9

Dell – Press F8 which will bring up Advanced Boot Options

eMachines: Press Left Alt Key + F10

Fujitsu – Press F8

Gateway: Press Alt + F10 Keys - As Acer owns them: press Left Alt + F10 Keys as per Acer eRecovery

HP – Press F11 repeatedly

Lenovo – Press F11

LG – Press F11

Packard Bell: Press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key. Release the keys when a message displays that Windows is loading files.

If I press the black & white copy button on the unit the scan head stops moving after about 14 seconds and printing has already started by then. The Support site mentions that various facilities on the scanner aren't supported (like the 'Scan' button) and this is so. Hp psc 1350 driver.

Samsung – Press F4

Sony Vaio – Tap F10 until the Edit Boot Options screen is displayed

Toshiba – Press 0 (zero)


Windows 7 Pro Oa Iso


Windows 7 Pro Oa Reinstall

I'm going to try to make this sound as less complicated as possible. I have a hp all-in-one pc that originally came with win 7 pro oa (according to my coa sticker located on the bottom of the computer). I am currently using win 7 home, and it is giving me some problems such as not loading my integrated webcam and keyboard drivers. When I go to device manager, I can see the drivers, but the software is nowhere to be found on my computer. I am also getting 'windows 7 not genuine errors' and a black screen b/c my product key is not valid with win 7 home. I guess my question is, is there any place I can get a valid and real copy of win 7 pro oa (x16-96076) for free and redo my computer using my product key that I already have?

Windows 7 Pro Oa Hp Downloads

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