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Includes bibliographical references (p. 232-233) and index
Introduction. An invitation to philosophy -- The Greeks and their world. Before Socrates ; Socrates ; Plato ; Aristotle ; The Cynics ; The Sceptics ; The Epicureans ; The Stoics -- Christianity and philosophy. Saint Augustine ; Medieval philosophy -- The beginnings of modern science. Copernicus ; Newton ; Machiavelli ; Francis Bacon ; Hobbes -- The great rationalists. Descartes ; Spinoza ; Leibniz -- The great empiricists. Locke ; Berkeley ; Hume ; Burke -- Revolutionary French thinkers. Voltaire ; Diderot ; Rousseau -- A golden century of German philosophy. Kant ; Schopenhauer ; Some comparisons of East and West ; Ficht ; Schelling ; Hegel ; Marx ; Nietzsche -- Democracy and philosophy. The Utilitarians ; The American Pragmatists -- 20th century philosophy. Frege and modern logic ; Russell and analytic philosophy ; Wittgenstein and linguistic philosophy ; Existentialism ; Bergson and recent French philosophy ; Popper ; The future of philosophy
'The essential guide to the history of western philosophy.'

Magee The Great Philosophers

Bryan Magee The Great Philosophers Pdf Printer

Who Are The Great Philosophers

Well, I have to say that, having amply digested Bryan Magee's The Great Philosophers, it has immediately shot to the apex position amongst those tomes undertaking to etch the general history of Western Philosophy. Its format, wherein each primary thinker (and mirroring. Beginning with the death of Socrates in 399 BC, and following the strand of philosophical inquiry through the centuries to recent figures such as Bertrand Russell and Wittgenstein, Bryan Magee's conversations with fifteen contemporary writers and philosophers provide an accessible and exciting account of Western philosophy and its greatest thinkers. A discourse on medieval philosophy. Anthony Kenny and Bryan Magee on Medieval Philosophy. Myles Burnyeat and Bryan Magee on Plato - Duration: 43:32. Talking Philosophy Dialogues with Fifteen Leading Philosophers Edited by Bryan Magee. Canon ae 1 case. Bryan Magee in conversation with the most important philosophers of the twentieth century. The Great Philosophers was a 1987 television series presented by Bryan Magee. There were 15 episodes, in each of which Magee interviewed a noted philosopher.

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