Driver Canon Ir 1210 Windows Vista

LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/README.TXT19.6 KB20 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/Vista_Install.pdf212.5 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WF_UTIL/CAP2FW.EXE231.1 KB17 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WF_UTIL/CAP2FW.INI66 bytes12 Dec 2006
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WF_UTIL/CAPTRGFW.DLL36.9 KB24 May 2005
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2.CNT1.8 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2.HLP112.4 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2AFEN.EXE70.3 KB9 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2APPN.DAT1.6 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2DEFN.AFE784 bytes7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2EMN.DLL53.8 KB21 Nov 2004
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2HT.BIN90.7 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2INFK.DAT4.8 KB4 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2K.DLL95.8 KB4 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2LAK.EXE39.0 KB9 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2LMK.DLL13.8 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2LPT.SYS23.2 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2ONN.EXE28.3 KB19 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2PMN.DLL134.1 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2PTMN.DLL24.1 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2RDN.DLL49.7 KB4 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2RSK.EXE73.6 KB9 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2SETK.INF2.8 KB4 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2SETK.dll122.4 KB30 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2SMK.DLL43.0 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2SWK.EXE145.6 KB9 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2UIK.DLL296.3 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2UNIK.EXE65.7 KB9 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/CAP2ZWAV.BIN431.4 KB7 Feb 2002
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/README.TXT19.6 KB20 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/Vista_Install.pdf212.5 KB18 Jan 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/cap2setk.cat19.6 KB15 Feb 2007
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/WinVista/note_ex.pdf169.3 KB21 Nov 2004
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/Windows 7_Notice.pdf66.7 KB24 Sep 2009
LBP-1210_R110_V110_Win_x32_EN_7/note_ex.pdf169.3 KB21 Nov 2004
  1. Canon Ir1210 Driver Download

Canon iR 1210 – Office Black & White Printers. Canon imageRUNNER 1210 Driver Free Download, Support Windows, macOS and Linux; Canon imageRUNNER 1210 Driver Free Download – For those who are looking for a printer that will increase offices productivity while saving time and space, Canon imageRUNNER 1210 can be your answer. Visit Canon iR1210 Driver Page (To get driver files) Instructions for get and installing the Canon iR1210 printers driver on Microsoft Windows: How to get Canon iR1210 printer driver? Before deploy printer the printers software, your Canon iR1210 printers must be correctly installed & the machine is ready to print. – First to turn on the printers and the laptop.

Hi Burton C,
Welcome to Microsoft Windows Forum.
As there are no drivers for Canon DR-1210-C scanner for Windows 7 from manufacturer, I will suggest you to install the drivers in Windows Vista compatibility mode and check if it works.
You may follow the steps mentioned below.
Step 1: Downloading the drivers.
You may visit the link mentioned below to download the drivers for Canon DR-1210-C scanner.
Step 2: Installing Canon DR-1210-C scanner driver in Windows Vista compatibility mode.
You may follow the steps mentioned below to install hardware in different compatibility mode.
1. Place the driver installation file on the Desktop.
2. Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab. Select the appropriate options in from the list in the following image.
3. Click Apply/OK.
4. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.
For more information, you may visit the link mentioned below:
Make older programs run in this version of Windows
If the issue still persists, I will suggest you to get in touch with the manufacturer for the best support.

Hope this information is useful.

Canon Ir1210 Driver Download

Sujan – Microsoft Support
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Canon printer drivers mac os x 10.4.11. Printer and scanner software for macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks. To see if your product is compatible with Mac OS X, please click on the [+] below next to your model series. Visit our Self-Help Center landing page for other OS-compatibility information for your product. Canon will continue to update this page with the most up-to-date information regarding software and drivers for our products.

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