Hp Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit Download Windows 7

I read several reviews, most of the bad experiences could have been made better if HP would support and document this product correctly. This device assigns an address to your printer, similar to how each computer on a network has an address.
First you install everything according to the directions. I had to unplug and replug in the USB part that connects to the computer and the one that connects to the printer until the connection was made. Once everything is set up and installed, you need to start the advanced setup options. This is how you set the printer to have access to your other computers on the network. You have to permit it to allow other users to connect. If you have WEP or WPA (which you should if you have a wireless network for security) you need to put in the password. I suggest using WPA.
Once you do that, right click on the icon in your system tray and connect. THEN you can remove the USB device from your computer. Go to start, then printers. You should see your printer there, paused (because you took out the USB device). Right click the icon, share the printer, that gives you the shared name. Unpause it.
This allows you to browse out on other computer when you `add' a new printer. You need to put in the name (mine is hpoffice which I think is the default). Anyway, once you do this you can add the printer to other computers after installing the software on them.
I hope this helps. I can confirm, you can connect several computers to your printer using this, and you do NOT have to have the USB part plugged in to any computers, once you set everything up. Setting the device up makes it a networked device that you can access from any other networked device.
I will update this review later once I have used it a while.

Hp Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit Download

Hp Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit Treiber Windows 7 Download

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