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It is possible, and fairly easy, to update multiple rows of a MySQL table at the same time, with different values for each row. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as inserting, but once you see what’s []. Mysql> update table set last_update=now() where id=1; mysql> update table set last_monitor = last_update where id=1; anyway I think that mysql is clever enough to ask for now() only once per query. I tried the method u suggested, but with that, only the first of the 3 columns gets updated. I tries using 3 diff commands, and this, somehow, causes col 1 and 3 to update.

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I am trying to understand how to UPDATE multiple rows with different values and I just don't get it. The solution is everywhere but to me it looks difficult to understand.

For instance, three updates into 1 query:

I read an example, but I really don't understand how to make the query. i.e:

I'm not entirely clear how to do the query if there are multiple condition in the WHERE and in the IF condition.any ideas?

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MySQL Database MySQL Connect MySQL Create DB MySQL Create Table MySQL Insert Data MySQL Get Last ID MySQL Insert Multiple MySQL Prepared MySQL Select Data MySQL Delete Data MySQL Update Data MySQL Limit Data PHP - XML. Update Data In a MySQL. In this tutorial, create 1 file 1. Update_multiple.php Steps 1. Create table 'test_mysql' in database 'test'. Create file update_multiple.php.

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Mysql Php Update Multiple Rows

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4 Answers

You can do it this way:

I don't understand your date format. Dates should be stored in the database using native date and time types.

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MySQL allows a more readable way to combine multiple updates into a single query. This seems to better fit the scenario you describe, is much easier to read, and avoids those difficult-to-untangle multiple conditions.

This assumes that the user_rol, cod_office combination is a primary key. If only one of these is the PK, then add the other field to the UPDATE list.If neither of them is a primary key (that seems unlikely) then this approach will always create new records - probably not what is wanted.

However, this approach makes prepared statements easier to build and more concise.

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You can use a CASE statement to handle multiple if/then scenarios:

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I have a table of postcodes and I want to update each postcode with its 3 nearest neighbours. Ie to fill in the blanks in this table:

I've figured out a SELECT query to find the nearest postcodes and here is one clumsy way the first row could be updated:

However this will result in 3 select queries being run for each row update. It would be more efficient if there was some way to do what is expressed by this pseudo code:

The 'select query' in the above looks like this:

Is there anyway for the rows returned from the select to be put into a form that they can be used to update multiple fields?Thanks.

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4 Answers

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You can do something similar to this:

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I found this related question on Stackoverflow on how to transform columns to rows:

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In your case, you can do something like

Here is a hack to simulate the ROW_NUMBER() functionality in MySQL [1]:

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I think you could do this with the pseudo-code:

it'd be easier to specify it seeing the real SQL.

Mysql Php Update Multiple Columns In Mysql Download

Note the first column is specified as a constant in quotes. For this to work postcode must be a UNIQUE or PRIMARY index.

James CJames C

Anytime I see a table with columns that have 1-up counters after their names, I get concerned.

Mysql Update From Select

In general, it is a Bad Idea (TM) to store data that can be calculated from data that is already stored. What happens if your application all of a sudden needs the 4 closest postal codes? What if the postal code boundaries change?

Assuming the distance calculation isn't very complex, you'll be better off in the long run not explicitly storing this data.

Chris MorganChris Morgan

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