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I have a PHP script which includes one or two other libraries it depends on using the 'include' statement. To make it more easily portable, I would like to somehow 'compile' the script and the included libraries it into a single PHP script (in the same way that ack includes all its Perl dependencies in one file). Is there an easy way to do this in PHP?

Clarification: Compiling to a windows executable could be (part of) an acceptable solution, but the script still needs to run on *nix, where it is better to have PHP source code with '#!/usr/bin/env php' at the top.

I have three files. Header.pdf, footer.pdf and center.pdf. Header and footer has less contents where the contents are coming from a php script dynamically. But when i merged the files using this post example demo, it merged the files page per pdf. Is it possible to merge FDF data with a PDF file using PHP alone? There is another way to day that not using passthru nor pdftk but just a script made in 2004 but.

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I want to be able to drop a single file into the $PATH somewhere on any OS and have it work without needing extra PHP libraries to be installed as well.

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Newer versions of PHP support a concept similar to jar files in java. Take a look at phar. You could package all of your application files into a single archive and run that.

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The PHP packages ScriptJoiner or even better JuggleCode might help:

Both are built upon PHP-Parser (, which makes it very easy to join scriptfiles.


There's no built in way to do that. I would recommend packaging your code up into a directory and distributing it that way. I do this with PHP, I place the code into a directory 'something.module', and then have iterate through a modules directory, including the main file underneath each .module directory. But for something more simple, you could just have a structure like:

my_package.php would include(realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/inclue1.php')). All other scrits would just have to include('my_packahe/my_package.php')

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Manually, you just remove all references of include/require, and 'concatenate' the files should also strip the open and end tags ('<?php', '?>') before concatenation, and add them in the final file.

For one or two small libraries, it should - hopefully - 'just work'..

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phc allows this. Just run it with the --include flag, and it will combine all your code (well, every argument to an include, require, etc) into a single PHP file.

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If you like, it can also compile it, but that's not required to combine them all into a single file.

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You could write a custom script that opens all the files, removes the opening and closing tags, and concatenates them together and saves as one file. should be pretty easy to do.

Or you can use a php compiler. It will do a bit more than what you are looking for, but if you just want one file, you run your dev project through one of these.

You might also be able to use the built in php bytecode compiler to compile everything to byte-code and stick it in one file.

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I wanted to do client side scrpting for merging and splitting pdf, so i wanted to use itextsharp. Can that be used with javascript. I am new to Javascript. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.

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7 Answers

This is a library for javascript to generate PDFs. It works on the client:

Another solution would be to make an ajax call, generate the PDF on the server with whatever technology you want to use (itextsharp) and return the generated PDF to the client.

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PDf JS can not merge two PDFs. It can only merge jpeg and png files to a pdf. Does not support gif,bmp,tiff and pdf to be merged

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If you want to do a merge operation then you can use easy-pdf-merge below is the link :

Here is an example:

Hope this helps.

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If you just want to display multiple PDFs as merged into a single document in the browser, this is surely possible with pdf.js - see my answer here.

Surely that example could also be used to show a specific subset of pages, thus giving the user the ability to split it.

However, if you need the result to be available for download, there's no way (afaik) around server-side processing - at least if you want to stay in the open source, free of charge realm.

Update: Using a combination of pdf.js (Mozilla) to render the pdf - which happens on the canvas by default - and jsPdf ( one should be able to get the merged result (or even anything else that was drawn on your canvas/es) for download, printing, etc. by using the canvas' toDataUrl() approach found this answer to export page by page (using jsPdf's addPage function)


No, you can't use iTextSharp (a .Net port of iText, which was written in Java) with JavaScript in a browser.

Acrobat Mail Merge Script

You could use iText in a Java applet, or there are a couple of PDF libraries for JavaScript if you search (mostly experimental ones, I understand, such as this one Mozilla did, or this one).

Jpg To Pdf Merge

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There are several client-side JavaScript libraries supporting merging and splitting existing PDFs that I'm aware of which might be useful to you:

  • PDF Assembler supports this and has a live demo. The Prior Art / Alternatives part of its README is worth checking out, where several other JavaScript PDF libraries (not necessarily client-side) are mentioned and commented on.
  • pdf-lib is a newer library under active development. Similarly, the Prior Art part is worth checking out.

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